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MCS Technology Fee Updates 2019-2020

MCS Technology Fee Updates 2017-2018


The technology fee for ALL Montgomery county students this year will be $30. We will accept a $5 down payment with the balance due by end of year. There will be an OPTIONAL insurance offered by Worth Ave Company. More information about insurance will be forthcoming. All students will be assessed an annual technology fee for access to digital tools, such as online subscriptions for curricular content, as well as for sustainability for the digital initiative and other enhancements to the MCS network. This fee does not include lost, stolen, or damaged items. Please remember that fees follow students as they move to the next grade level. 

The integration of technology is crucial in our schools because we want our students to be globally competitive. Technology is a way to put the world at our fingertips with engaging and interactive opportunities in real time. We enable our students to maximize learning to prepare them for college and career readiness.